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What is Student Affairs and Enrollment Management?

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We are built around access for everyone, everywhere

Before they even consider college, we help students and their families recognize their paths to becoming Wildcats. Through early academic outreach in middle schools and high schools and by paving a smooth transition for transfer students, we recruit and cultivate a diverse student body.

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We create a unique experience for each student

From where they live and what they eat to how they feel and what they believe, we nurture our students as they navigate their daily lives and the big picture. Through close partnerships with faculty and academic affairs, we create innovative services and programs that enrich, support, and expand students' academic experiences.

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We help produce real world ready graduates

We are committed to preparing our students for the real world beyond the classroom. As the financial support from public institutions decreases and college expenses rise, students are facing significant financial barriers to completing their degree or even attending college. Digital learning is increasingly becoming a necessary, rather than optional, academic tool.

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